Soak In Our Relaxing Hot Springs Mineral Pool


Our old-fashioned 20' x 20' therapeutic hot mineral soaking pool is approximately 2 ft. deep and 104 degrees and draws it's constant flow up from the natural artesian well beneath Avila Hot Springs.

Avila Hot Springs' source of mineral water is a geothermal spring emanating from deep within the earth's mantle, brought to the surface by our artesian well, which allows the precious water to flow up to us without pumping at about 130-135 degrees, where it is cooled with a little fresh water to about 104 degrees in our hot pool. The flow of our spring has remained constant for over 100 years.

According to his book "Pure Water" by Dr. Casey Adams, ( D.O., p.h.D) , thermal mineral springs pools have been used therapeutically for thousands of years and are mentioned as useful for healing many ailments in his "Use of Liquids" treatise by Hippocrates. These local waters were revered by the local Salinan Indians who bathed in them for relief from injuries and ailments.

Mineral hot spring, children under 8 are not allowed per Health Department Rules
Mineral Content:  sodium - 326 mg/L  silica 72 mg/L  iron 25 mg/L  calcium 68 mg/L  magnesium 42 mg/L  Chloride 83 mg/L  bicarbonate 1049 mg/L  sulfate 46 mg/L  borate 17 mg/L

(Please note that children must be 8 years or older to be allowed in the Hot Pool per Health Department rules.)

Guests enjoying hot tub
Hot tub, guests soaking